The Struggle of Beauty in the African AMerican Community: Dark Skin Struggle (Documentary)

This is my very first documentary on an issue that the African American community faces still in 2012. Enjoy, and don’t forget to leave a comment! Advertisements

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The Anacostia Art Gallery and Boutique (VIDEO)

Busy Bee loves her community and doesn’t mind giving back. Check out this video I did on her!  

Aim Basketball Camp (VIDEO)

AIM Basketball camp is in now in Northwest D.C. I interviewed the co-founder of the organization about the program and what it has to offer.

Martin Luther King Jr. Candlelight Vigil (VIDEO)

Watch a news story written, produced, and partially filmed by me on the Martin Luther King Jr.’s candlelight vigil!

Pastor Elizabeth Gibson (VIDEO)

How many people do you meet who is starting a church? Not many, but Pastor Gibson is aiming high, and is setting out to accomplish her goal of starting her church in Georgia. She… Continue reading

Google’s New Privacy Policy (VIDEO)

  Google launched its privacy policy March 1. Within their new policy they will be tracking past searches which will help them to build a profile about you, so that they can advertise… Continue reading

Going Green-RecycleMania (STAND-UP VIDEO)

American University students have found a new way to encourage healthier living, not just for themselves but also for the environment. Here I have done a stand-up about American University going GREEN!

Kiss and Tell: Tales of First Kisses (VIDEO)

By: Brittney S. Hood and Mylon Medley Students on the campus of American University shared their first kiss experiences. Some were scandalous, while others were meek.  Overall, this question engaged a crowd of eager participants who want to… Continue reading

American University: A Glimpse of Mary Graydon above the Cafeteria (VIDEO)

By: Brittney S. Hood and Mylon Medley Since most students, especially those who live on campus, are very familiar with the cafeteria.  We decided to take on the rest of the Mary Graydon building to… Continue reading